Below: recently launched campaign of client testimonial videos for use on website and social media.

Below: design and development of new Chrysalis website.


Chec out the new Chrysalis Lifestyle Panning website (launched in Sept 2016).

Below: Brand Identity – note that the company name, logo, brand identity, signage and other branded elements were developed by Strategic Minds previously (2009) – the brand is strong and this recent work is stage 2 of our engagement with Chrysalis Lifestyle Planning.


Campaign Snapshot:
Part 1) A campaign of appx 3 min client video testimonials to communicate the positive experiences that a range of different people have had with Chrysalis financial planning. Videos to feature on website and social media.
Part 2) Delivering a responsive, mobile friendly website that is well branded and explains Chrysalis services succinctly and also provides a strong call to action.

Target Audience:
Adult Australians of all ages requiring financial planing, primarily targeting those over 40 years old.

Campaign Execution and Media Channels:
The creative execution of both videos and website aims to convey simplicity, professionalism and authenticity. This is achieved through information architecture on the website and honest, unscripted testimonials from current clients.
• Website to be mobile friendly and responsive (works on all platforms and devices) to allow easy access of information
• Videos to appear on website, on Chrysalis Youtube Channel and will also be promoted on social media and EDM.

Strategic Minds created the Chrysalis brand identity in 2009/10. This included the name, logo, trade mark, tagline, stationery, brochure, signage, website content. By 2016 Chrysalis required new marketing initiative and a new website. Strategic Mind proposed a series of client testimonial stories to convey the impact the financial planning can have on a variety of people.

The strategy included development of a new responsive and mobile friendly website and this began with a new site map, simplified content, new imagery /photography and messaging, and a multi-video testimonial campaign for website and social media use.

The strategy included reviewing the existing Chrysalis brand and imagery and applying this to a new user experience based website with new messaging designed to reinforce the tagline ‘create the life you want’ and underline the ‘peace of mind’ that the financial planning service is able to offer. Website to expand on the four ‘life stages’ of typical clients with relevant information.

The strategy also included providing personal stories told through short videos (client testimonials or endorsements) to emphasis the relational approach of Chrysalis and deliver these stories in an authentic and honest way to reflect the companies philosophy.

Services Provided by Strategic Minds:
• Client account management and project management
• Brand development and management
• Website strategy and planning
• Design, typesetting and proofing
• Digital creative campaign development and implementation (online, site map, video content, wireframes, creative concepts)
• Copywriting
• Production Service (video: pre-prod, production & post-prod, photography)
• Digital asset production and management
• Branded content and integration

Launching new campaign and website September 2016 and will be in the market for an indefinite period.

Outcome and Evaluation:
Campaign still to be launched, results will be known once campaign in market. Currently client and stakeholders excited about potential for growth of the Chrysalis brand and acquiring new clients.

Client Testimonial:

We’ve worked with Andy and Strategic Minds for many years and they are patient and intuitive with regards to meeting client requests and expectations. Our new website design and videos look great! I unreservedly recommend Strategic Minds to anybody who is wanting a cutting edge, quality design and marketing product.  Philip Windsor, Director and Owner, Chrysalis Lifestyle Planning

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