Below: The existing 106Five branding before the project began. The brief: to redefine, rename and revitalise the radio station for a new season of growth.


Below: The new name: Salt 106.5. The new brand identity launched on the Sunshine Coast in December 2016 with much excitement!


Campaign Snapshot:
106Five, a Sunshine Coast based Community Christian radio station was becoming stale and required a new lease of life and a firm identity and purpose. We were engaged to revise the name and brand identity and develop a launch campaign. We proposed many names and logos, with Salt 106.5 selected and being rolled out across multiple channels and media.

Campaign Objective:
Renew and reinvigorate the Sunshine Coast based community Christian radio station to:
• Develop a strong and distinctive new brand that sets it apart and unites staff and supporters through an attractive brand personality
• Launch the new brand into market with a campaign of various media
• Provide a sound platform from which brand awareness can grow, new sponsors/advertisers can be engaged and growth of listeners can occur.

Campaign Strategy:
Under guidance from the 106Five Board, Strategic Minds were initially engaged to provide a Brand Development Plan to assist with securing funding form a major donor. This plan:
Summarised the steps required to rebrand and relaunch the radio station
Provided a guide timeframe and costings for these stages and possible activities
Clarified the outcomes of the investment (should it be granted).

The grant was approved and the project commenced in early 2016. The Brand Development Plan was refined and accurate timings put in place for a 1 Sept 2016 launch for the radio station and this is currently in progress (early July). The strategy for developing the new brand included:
• Research with national and regional radio stations and listeners
• Concepting a range of possible and relevant names, resulting in the new name ‘Salt 105.5’ which reinforces the biblical reference to Christians being ‘salt and light’ in the world. The name is also intended to arouse people’s curiosity through the unusual name
• Trade marking the new name and developing logo concepts for the name
• Developing branded collateral for a range of items including stationery, banners, vehicles, outdoor media, brochure, sales kit, website, and more
• Planning budget for these items using a modest budget and negotiating discounted rates and Barter card arrangements.
• Make recommendations for changes to on-air content, music and branding.
• Coordinate an effective launch campaign for 1 December 2016.

Target Audience:
Primary: Christians on the Sunshine Coast (especially those not currently listeners). Secondary: Encourage non-Christians to listen as the radio station is broadcasting positive, life-affirming messages about what’s happening in the local community.

Campaign Execution and Media Channels:
A fully integrated branding and advertising exercise across multiple channels, including:
• Name and Trade Mark
• Logo and Brand Identity
• Style Guide
• Website and Social Media Graphics and Banners
• Print: stationery, sales kits and brochures
• Outdoor: signage, banners, bus advertising and billboards
• Vehicles, Uniforms, merchandise (drink bottles, wrist bands, pens, USB’s, show bags etc)
• Launch activities from December 2016, live events and more – ongoing.

Services provided by Strategic Minds include:
• Account Management and Stakeholder Engagement
• Communication Strategies
• Creative Campaign Management and Implementation
• Brand positioning and strategy
• Design, typesetting and proofing
• Print and Production Management (Print Suppliers, Merchandise, Media)
• Photographic and Retouching Services
• Copywriting
• Digital strategy
• Digital creative campaign development and implementation (online, site map, video content, wireframes, creative concepts)
• Digital asset production and management
• Branded content and integration
• Social Media

Rebranding project commenced with Brand Development Plan in Oct 2015 and concludes with launch on 1 Dec 2016.

Outcome and Evaluation:
The launch is scheduled for 1 September, so results still pending. To date the 106.5 Management and Board are very excited about the project status, this web page will be updated in future to include results and feedback when available.

Below: Some of the initial reaction to launch on Facebook.


Client Testimonial:

Strategic Minds provided professional support and understood the vision and direction that the local Board of 106.5FM had in its mind and was able to take our ideas and re-work them with creativity and skill to make it all happen. We’re excited about our launch and I am happy to recommend Andy and Strategic Minds. Richard Daniel, Chairman of the Board, Salt 106.5

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