Chrysalis Lifestyle Planning started with a blank slate. We generated the name: ‘Chrysalis’ was born from the idea of transformatiom from a pupae forming into a butterfly but also about the journey a person can make from disorganisation into financial freedom and security. Visually the logo design represents transformation from broken circles into solid circles.

Project includes: brand strategy and identity, messaging and tagline, trademarking, style guide, stationery, print material, office signage, video testimonials and new website:

We are grateful for the effort and follow-up support afforded by Strategic Minds. They exceeded our expectations and have delivered a brand we are proud of. Phil Windsor, Principal – Chrysalis Lifestyle Planning

We also created a series of client video testimonials. These endorsement stories feature each client’s unique story and give the specific financial planning solutions from Chrysalis more context and relevance.

Read more about our work for Chrysalis and watch the videos in our in-depth case study or visit the Chrysalis website.