The Sunshine Coast’s Community Christian radio station was simply called 106.5 was becoming stale and irrelevant, requiring a new lease of life and an exciting new name, identity and purpose. We were engaged to create a new name and brand identity and everything up to and including a launch campaign. The name Salt 106.5 was the clear favourite and ‘fitted’ the local Sunshine Coast region perfectly and the new brand was launched on 1 Dec 2016.

The new branding has now been rolled out across multiple channels and media, including: stationery, print and sales collateral, office signage, vehicles, uniforms, livery, merchandise (drink bottles, wrist bands, pens, show bags and more) website, social media and extensive outdoor: billboard supersites and bus advertising.

The campaign objective of renewing and reinvigorate the radio station has been very successfully achieved and provides a solid platform from which brand awareness can grow, new listeners engaged, new sponsors/advertisers can be brought on board and the station can not only survive but thrive.

“Strategic Minds provided professional support, understood the vision and direction of the local Board of 106.5FM and was able to take this, re work our dreams, add a professional skill level to our ideas and we are excited about our launch!” Richard Daniel, Chairman of the Board, Salt 106.5.

Read more about the Salt 106.5 rebranding in our in-depth case study or visit the Salt website.