Stories are what make us human and a key part of how people understand and communicate. Video combines the power of story with the engagement of emotive video, creating an explosive mix that will make all the difference in your marketing.

It's Visual

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual .

It's emotive

People are truly engaged by video that makes them feel something.

It's got conflict

Every strong story needs an obstacle overcome to achieve victory.

It's what people want

NFP supporters want see their impact through video stories.


The critical step is pre-production – get the story plan right first.

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD A5 Infographic: The Power of Story.

This provides the Hero’s journey pathway to help you create your brands strongest stories. We’d love to help you craft your next story, whether a client success story or your brand story.

Our guide to story specifically for not-for-profits and community organisations features statistics form McCrindle’s 2016 Community Trends Report, FREE DOWNLOAD available here: Australian Community Trends Report_McCrindle and R2L_2016

See more what Andy Meier (Director of Strategic Minds Communications) has to say about the POWER OF STORYTELLING for not-for-profits and businesses:

You should be able to summarise your core story and plot in one simple line that is compelling – would you be interested in this story? Ultimately it should be about a conflict that can be resolved by your organisation.

The vast majority of successful movies follow this basic ‘Hollywood Plot’ formula. It works for the Hunger Games (and around 95% of Hollywood features), Mamoni’s story – which we produced for Compassion Australia – and it can work for your organisation too. This formula also forms the core of our Brand Storylines framework.

For more examples of our video content visit out Vimeo page. let us know if you have any questions on our work or projects you’ve got coming up!

  • Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, it’s about the stories that you tell.

    Seth Godin
  • People do not buy products and services.
    They buy relations, stories and magic.

    Seth Godin
  • The easiest thing is to react. The second easiest is to respond. But the hardest thing is to initiate.

    Seth Godin

Branded video content is a rapidly growing part of the marketing landscape – are you ready for this change?

Amount of mobile traffic that will be video by 2017


Internet users recall the video ads they see online


Additional time that web users spend on pages containing video


Web users who visit a marketer’s website after viewing a video


Companies that will use video marketing as a core strategy in 2017


Videos on landing pages lead to increase conversions of


Website visitors more inclined to purchase after watching a video


Chief Marketing Officers believing custom content is the future


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Our BRAND STORYLINES workshops and consulting will help your brand tell a clear and compelling story. Brand Storylines is a framework and method to help businesses, individuals and communities create a clear and compelling brand message – using the power of story.


A half day to a day Brand Storyline workshop with you and your marketing team.

Consulting & Coaching

Customised planning and training based on your brand.

Planning & Production

Articulate solutions with a clear call to action that connects emotionally with your customers.


Integrate the message at every level of your messaging: brochures, websites, presentations and videos.

Stories have been used to spread information for thousands of years. As humans, we crave a good story. Stories make us feel something and those emotions can be a powerful connection between our audience and ourselves. In business, stories are also a perfect catalyst for building brand loyalty and promoting your brand.

If you can create an emotional connection between your brand and your target audience, the power of your brand will grow exponentially. A brand story framework is way of structuring your brand story. Effective storytelling requires creativity and an understanding of story structure. It also requires the nuance of not being self-promotional and showing not telling to get a clear message across to your audience.

If your marketing message is confusing, people will look beyond your brand. Our brains gravitate to clarity and they move away from, or even ignore confusion.

It uses a sequential storyline formula to help you become an engaging communicator at all levels of your messaging. To achieve clarity and a compelling narrative, great books, plays and movies follow a classic story formula. The BRAND STORYLINES framework is based on this proven methodology.

Gatorade, Red Bull, Invisible Children, Youi Insurance and Apple iPhone all use THIS STORYLINE FORMULA TO GIVE THEIR BRANDS GREATER IMPACT.

What can the BRAND STORYLINES framework do for your business?
• Bring clarity and creativity to your marketing message and really help your brand stand out.
• Create a simple and compelling narrative that can be used across all your marketing communications.
• Refocus your message, by putting your target in the role of hero (there’s a hint…!) and thereby dramatically increasing the impact of your brand story.
• Unite your team around a common message and way of setting up and creating your marketing communications going forward.
• Turn your team into great salespeople! You can all become compelling communicators at every level of your messaging.

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