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It is said that a brand is your companies biggest asset, and thats true. Successful brands are based on providing people with an excellent brand experience. As important as your actual product or service is, the story around your brand is what connects with people emotionally and is the most signifiant part of the decision to purchase or donate to a cause. We believe that brands based on authenticity and human truths always outshine those who simply try and convince people through clever marketing.

We focus on integrated brand building and the core meaning of a brand – not just branding (logo and tagline). This is done through creating and developing a brand’s equity and positioning it in such a way to connect positively with the target audiences heart and mind, delivering sustained performance across all brand building activities (incl. positioning, personality, branding incl. look and feel, offerings, communications, content, culture, customer service etc). So the brand story – thinking about what organisations value, what they stand for and who they are, and individuals in that organisation – is critical to determine and it’s got to be made real so that people believe it and see the organisation as real.

From a foundation of core values and a relevant brand story, branding and communications can be built and implemented effectively, producing clear and consistent results: whether it’s increase sales, increase brand and increase profit, increased reach and ongoing business growth.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumers decision to choose one product or service over another.Seth Godin

Our wealth of experience in branding large and small organisations can ensure that:
• Your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace with consistent identity and quality communications
• Your marketing objectives are met through integrated campaigns across multiple channels
• You experience increased brand awareness, increased reach, increased sales, increased profit and business growth.

As businesses grow, rebranding is sometimes necessary to ensure a more effective brand. Trade mark protection also adds great value to that brand in the long-term. In this video, Andy Meier interviews Mimi & John Naylor, owners and directors at Talkshop Speech Pathology. The Sydney-based business has recently rebranded and in this 10 minute video Andy asks them why it was necessary and discusses the process. Even for new or startup businesses wanting to establish a brand identity that fits their DNA, this will provide a valuable introduction to the process, including some of the challenges to overcome.

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