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We believe strongly in Marty Neumeier’s approach, which he states in ‘The 46 Rules of Genius’ as follows: Good design does not depend as much on the eye of the beholder as it does on a combination of aesthetics and ethics: Good design exhibits virtues. What virtues? Timeless human virtues such as generosity, courage, diligence, honesty, substance, clarity, curiosity, thriftiness and wit. By contrast bad design is design that exhibits vices such as selfishness, fear, laziness, deceit, pettiness, confusion, apathy, wastefulness, and stupidity.

In other words, we want the same things from design that we want from each other. When you combine aesthetics and ethics you get good design. Can you have a generous brand? Courageous company? A diligent algorithm? An honest product? Of course you can. Just as you can have a selfish company, a fearful policy, a lazy service, or a deceitful ad campaign. Good design is always aimed at long-term, broad success, whereas bad design settles for short-term, narrowly defined success. if design is change, then good design is change that benefits the largest number of people over the longest period of time.

More specifically, we design these things and much more:
• Logo and identity design
• Stationery design
• Packaging design
• Environmental design for events and displays
• Print and publications: brochures, mailers, booklets, coffee table books, annual reports
• Infographic design for print and online
• Responsive website design and apps
• Social media graphics
• Messaging platforms and written content for all of the above

In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace? Not standing out is the same as being invisible.Seth Godin

We love looking at the big picture: the brand strategy and delivering integrated creative campaigns. Occasionally the task at hand is to design something a little more specific, and we’re up for that challenge too. We apply the same level of creative and strategic thinking, but we keep it focussed on one project or item.

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