We have created high quality training resources for a number of significant organisations. These save significantly on ‘live’ presentation time for staff across international borders and ensures consistent quality delivery of material. This material is typically developed as video based training accompanied by a booklet or series of booklets. DVD’s can also be used as an online program without the need for a physical disk. Some of the benefits of quality training videos include:

Businesses are always looking to save money on staff and resources, so it simply makes sense to invest in training material that can be used repeatedly and in a more automated way. Provided the training material is engaging enough, a video resource provides a real return on investment for any business.

Trainers teach in different ways and emphasise different aspects of the material. This presents the risk of inaccurate delivery of materials and having an online or DVD based video is one way to ensure that all of the important information is delivered consistently to each employee or training course attendee. Business leaders can deliver a consistent message to a wide audience easily and effectively.

Multiple staff can view videos from multiple locations at the same time, eg. induction videos. This saves travel time for staff as it often becomes unnecessary, and it also increases productivity of the available staff.

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