There are countless varieties of content marketing, with the above examples only a few selected examples of what it could be. Content Marketing is not a tactic, it is a strategic approach that includes SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Images, Infographics, and of course video. While we can provide these solutions, our speciality is online video engagement through powerful, relevant stories that resonate with the right target audience, and that deliver this story in a way that enhances and builds your brand. Video content marketing typically doesn’t look like advertising: it sometimes means product placement, it is often humorous or creative enough to warrant the viewer watching or sharing it.

We can help you create a content marketing strategy, or of you have one, deliver on that with creative, professional, on-brand communications across video and design. We ensure that your brand stays true to it’s positioning and identity while delivering authentic human stories and messages that meet your customers where they are at… and that’s typically online.

Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left!Seth Godin (2008)

• Social responsibility
• Client Testimonials (e.g.. Insurance company)
• Recruitment videos
• Short or long form documentaries
• Coincide with topical Events eg. World Cup
• Home page welcome videos to give your organisation a human face
• These videos can all be used in multiple places: for social media channels, websites, e-newsletetrs, mobile advertising, Youtube channel or Banner Ads, the list goes on.

We believe that to really engage with customers an authentic, believable content marketing (also called inbound marketing) strategy is essential and that video needs to be a key part of that mix. The proof is there already: online video is exploding from video testimonials to training videos. We know that it’s important for any brand to be delivering positive, life-enriching experience for their customers in whatever industry they’re in – therefore people want to work for them, buy from them, invest in them. So that story becomes really powerful, and telling it in the right way through video is what we do best.

Getting the positioning and core brand story right is the foundation of a compelling content creation. The two go hand in hand. Strategic Minds aim to understand an organisations business and then deliver solutions that help them achieve their objectives – whether it’s increase sales, increase brand and increase profit, increased reach and developing business growth.

The world is undergoing a revolution in terms of how information is received and found. Our goal is to build a brand that attracts people and doesn’t have to overtly sell to people with traditional advertising. The reality is that your customers don’t want to be sold to. They want to read, hear and see interesting information presented as brand stories. We specialise in creating engaging, emotive video stories that they can relate to and that feature someone like them who shares their beliefs and problems. Approach your marketing this was and your customers will stay engaged, share your stories with their friends and new prospects will buy into your brand promise wholeheartedly.

Our content marketing process involves focusing on your customers: what are their passions, beliefs, problems and motivations. We take these insights, evaluate them with your brand positioning, and ensure there is a match and then a strategic plan is developed, taking into account any other marketing activities, agreed on and this plan is implemented by our highly accomplished creative team. Promotion of the content occurs over a scheduled editorial calendar that is monitored and evaluated to ensure that your content marketing conversion rate is successful and that your investment is giving you a return.

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