Campaign Snapshot:
Compassion Australia needed to promote awareness of it’s work in Far North Queensland and also raise critical support for the education project to be able to continue. The campaign was promoted through EDM, social media and Compassion’s website and Magazine.

Below: 90 Second Teaser Video for Awareness and Fundraising Purposes (promotes longer 8 min video).

Below: 8 Min Mini-Documentary for Awareness and Fundraising Purposes.

Below: Print and Electronic Campaign Executions, Including Photography


Campaign Objective:
• Inform Compassion’s current supporters and donors about Compassion’s work in Far North Queensland.
• Demonstrate the need for funds for this flagship program to continue through new funding.
• Create storytelling campaign with strong call to action through compelling stories featuring engaging video and photography.

Target Audience:
Primary: Compassion Supporters who are already engaged ion COmpassion’s overseas work but inform them about Compassion’s Australia project in FNQ. Secondary: General Public who may become interested enough in Compassion’s indigenous work to support through donations.

Campaign Execution and Media Channels:
An integrated campaign across multiple channels, including:
• Trailer and Mini Documentary Video Production
• Print (Magazine and Flyers) Design and Art Direction
• Online (EDM, website, social media graphics)
• Scope Includes and Video Capture and Photography
Respectful consideration of Indigenous culture and sensitivities were required for production of this campaign.

Services provided by Strategic Minds Include:
• Account Management and Stakeholder Engagement
• Communication Strategies
• Creative Campaign Management and Implementation
• Design, typesetting and proofing
• Video Production Management (pre and post production) and Editing
• Photographic and Retouching Services
• Copywriting
• Digital creative campaign development and implementation (online, site map, video content, wireframes, creative concepts)
• Digital asset production and management
• Branded content and integration
• Social Media

Project launched in March 2014 across multiple channels.

Outcome and Evaluation:
Project successfully funded to date.

Client Testimonial:

Masterful storytelling and videography skills: crafting strong, beautiful and inspirational films from some of the toughest contexts and shoot locations. Matt Darvas, Communications Manager, Compassion Australia

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