Description: Elements from the extensive range of newly branded collateral developed for St Luke’s.


Campaign Snapshot:
A comprehensive brand overhaul for St. Luke’s Grammar School, a leading Christian school on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, requiring a consistent and high quality design solution and set of deliverables.

Campaign Objective:
Rebrand and reposition the school ‘a local school… a world of difference’ and a quality option by creating quality marketing materials with consistency across all channels. The ‘hero piece’ was intended to be a folder package to contain the prospectus booklet and various A4 format flyers.

Campaign strategy and requirements for this project:
• Review existing material and devise new look and feel to position St Luke’s as a quality school with quality marketing materials. Specifically we:
• Devise a new style to apply across all required items
• Revise logo, application of logo and key design element across all channels
• Plan, creative direct and retouch new photography for campaign.
• Creative Direct and design new presentation folder, prospectus and other material.
• Manage printing and proofing, incl. press checks.

Target Audience:
Primary audience: prospective parents of children who may attend the school (this is marketing material after all).
Secondary audience: anyone currently at or connected to the school as the campaign and collateral serves to underline the values and quality of the school even to those already attending and their families.

Campaign Execution and Media Channels:
St. Luke’s required a comprehensive brand overhaul: from logo revision to extensive design of prospectus, folders, advertising and photography for outdoor media, print and online. The design solution was required to have longevity and apply to all channels consistently and professionally.

Services Provided by Strategic Minds:
• Client account management and project management
• Brand development and management
• Creative Campaign Management and Implementation
• Design, typesetting and proofing
• Digital creative campaign development and implementation
• Copywriting
• Digital asset production and management
• Branded content and integration
• Production Services (photography)
• Printing and print management

2015/16/17 (currently in market).

Outcome and Evaluation:
St Luke’s extremely satisfied with results of the project, and it is engaging well with new prospects for the school.

Client Testimonial:

Andy and the team from Strategic Minds guided us successfully through the process and assisted us in achieving high quality publications. The project management techniques ensured the project was completed in a timely manner, to the budget that was specified. Overall we were very happy with the results achieved. Danielle Hargrove, Director of Enrolments and Marketing, St Luke’s

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