Below: The campaign centred around this 4 minute animated infographic video.

Below: 12-page DL Landscape Print Booklet


Below: Concept Development Process of Storyboard and Script


Campaign Snapshot:
Micah Australia is a coalition of Christian aid and development organisations and church groups campaigning together on some of the biggest issues related to global poverty, inequality and injustice. These are issues that can feel overwhelming. So we knew that we really needed to break them down and tell clear, creative and compelling stories about the issues and how and why Christians can act together to change things.

The campaign was required to be produced reltively quickly (under two months from start to finish), and this included clarification of the brief, concept development, illustration and animation and all print and video production.

Target Audience:
Micah’s vision is that Christians will be so inspired by the love of God and so committed to speaking out for and with the world’s poorest people, that our nation’s leaders have no choice but to respond. This campaign encourages people to pray, speak and act together to shape Australia as a more just and generous nation.

Campaign Execution and Media Channels:
A strong narrative based video accompanied by informative booklet was the goal. Campaign currently running on and distribution channels include Micah’s many coalition partners incl. World Vision, CBM, Caritas, Baptist World Aid, Tear and many other aid and development organisations.

Services Provided by Strategic Minds:
• Creative Concept, Creative Direction and Graphic Design
• Account Management and Stakeholder Engagement
• Creative Campaign Management and Implementation
• Brand Development and management
• Design, typesetting and proofing
• Production Services (photography, illustration, animation, voiceover, music)
• Print and Video Production Management
• Copywriting

Distributed from November 2016 and throughout 2017 at key events and online.

Outcome and Evaluation:
The campaign only just launched at the time of writing this case study, more information to come shortly. To date extremely positive responses received from those exposed to the campaign, not to mention and extremely happy client!

Client Testimonial:

Strategic Minds helped us find those clear and creative ways to talk about our issues and created really engaging video and print material that invites Christians to raise their voices with us. Andy and the team were responsive and insightful through the process. They listened well to what we wanted and gave helpful strategic advice about what we needed. Ben Thurley, National Coordinator, Micah Australia

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