The “Start Safe, Stay Safe” video campaign series.

Compilation of excerpts from 8 seperate toolbox talks series with the overall theme: “Do it for them”.

Campaign Snapshot:
Goal: improved safety awareness and safer actions around the rail track.
With safety being a high priority at John Holland Rail (Country Regional Network) and Transport for NSW, our brief was to create a series of 8 short ‘toolbox talks’ web videos covering a range of key activities undertaken by track workers across the network in NSW. The videos needed to be engaging, well-produced, and of course within budget.

Campaign Strategy:
We created the campaign theme of “Start Safe, Stay Safe” that connected all of the 8 video topics. These included topics from ‘Safe Driving’ to ‘Supervisor Behaviours’. John Holland want their workers to get home safely at the end of the day and so these videos all end with the same message: “Do it for them”. Do it for one another, your mates. Through investing in these videos John Holland have demonstrated their commitment to safety and presented this message to their staff in a professional and engaging format. The videos are authentic and relational, introduced by two well-known John Holland managers and core content presented by everyday track staff. While working with real track staff – not paid professional actors – presented some challenges the authenticity and ‘recognizability’ of the presenters made the videos a success.

Target Audience:
Track workers across the John Holland country regional network (1000+ people).

Campaign Execution and Media Channels:
The videos were used for ‘toolbox talk’ briefings and other training sessions as required. They were also released online, through internal communications and other live presentations.

View all campaign videos (8 x 2-3mins):
Start Safe, Stay Safe // #1: Safe Driving
Start Safe, Stay Safe // #2: Manual Handling
Start Safe, Stay Safe // #3: Supervisor Behaviours
Start Safe, Stay Safe // #4: Lookout Working
Start Safe, Stay Safe // #5: Worksite Protection Plans
Start Safe, Stay Safe // #6: Effective Communication
Start Safe, Stay Safe // #7: Location Assurance
Start Safe, Stay Safe // #8: Absolute Signal Blocking

Services Provided by Strategic Minds:
• Pre-production incl. planning, concept, script writing and storyboarding.
• Production incl. producing and directing, filming, audio.
• Post-production incl. editing, reviews, delivery in various formats.
• Project management and scheduling
• Digital asset production and management

Launched late-2018 for ongoing use into 2019.

Outcome and Evaluation:
These videos have been very successful in assisting John Holland to emphasise that safety is important and up to each and every person on track to do their job well and to look after one another. Using video in this way has been an effective way of communicating with staff who scarcely read information and the awareness of the eight topics covered has been greatly improved. Making these videos available online (and intranet) means they are accessible to all new staff. This campaign has contributed to lower accident and injury rates in the months following this campaign.

Client Testimonial:

WOW!!! We absolutely love these!!!! Looks fantastic, thanks so much.Jill Weaver, Network Operations Program Manager, John Holland Rail

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